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New Features October 2014 yellow highlight

  • Your own website management tool (including training on how it works) plus several methods of support.
  • Your own personalized email address (multiple if required)
  • Access to various groups of templates / designs: Fully customizable templates, semi customizable templates and professionally designed templates (which are also customizable)
  • Unlimited number of pages, products, photo galleries, youtube videos, normal videos and documents on your website. Share any page of your website with any social networks like Facebook Twitter / Linkedin etc. = a simple click of your mouse saves you time and effort in maintaining your social networks!
  •       Membership Pages  requires login with password
  •       Animated Banner on your homepage or in your logo
  • On the road, from your Cell-phone you can send your documents / brochures / videos and many more file types to your clients.
  • Mobi Website = a FREE second website, optimized for access by cell phones
  • Communication and bulk mailing list system with online database which informs your stakeholders & customers of events announcements specials, and newsletters. It allows you to create many different groups of recipients so that you can send information to selected groups.
  • Kwikmail: Powerful Email Marketing System
    Grow your business with an affordable email marketing option. Kwikmail understands small business and the importance of every customer. Email marketing is a great way to promote your business's offers. Email is also a great tool to cultivate the relationships you have with each and every client by effectively communicating with them regularly. The reports will show you exactly who opened the email and what they looked at. With great customisable emails it is easy to create promotional mails. Our spam checker will scan your emails and provide you with information on what chance they have of arriving at your clients' Inbox.
  • Bulk SMS system - you get a free bulk SMS system included that allows you to send SMS's at only 22c + VAT each. Because your website is fully mobile compliant, your SMS's can link to your Mobi Website!
  • Receive SMS notification/alerts to all online requests (e.g. bookings, contact us, online purchases, faq etc)
  • Automatic Birthday Wishes SMS - set by simply entering clients birthday date to the online data base) never forget your clients birthday; let them know that you care!
  • SMS shortcode-(e.g. for promotions like “SMS the word getmobi to 37995 and get 20% off on the once of set-up fee this is a example)
  • Branch Module The branch Module will allow you to link the content on your website to another website. Using this module you will be able to display the services, prices and other modules on your website which is then maintained by another website (from head office for example)
  • Industry specific free modules for Estate Agents, Vehicle Dealers, Rental Companies, Recruitment Companies, Guest Houses, Hotels, Tour Operators, and many more. 
  • Accommodation Listing and Booking Form Accommodation module which allows you to add listings with a calendar and booking form as well as online payments.
  • Newsletter facility for Specials, Announcements, Events, Enquiry forms, FAQ’s etc.
  • Online shop unlimited products with Quotation facility, Credit Card and EFT payment facility
  • Online Ticket Sales Sell tickets to a concert, school events, fund raising raffles, you name it!
  • Digital Downloads
  • Digital downloads module allows you to sell (or give away) digital files such as music, software, books etc. The file limit is 100meg which is suitable for most purposes. You have a choice to make the digital file available for free or to charge people whatever you want (we take no cut). It is important to know that if you want to use this module to sell files you will need to activate the Ecommerce module (Level 3 and 4 clients). Buyers can pay via EFT, credit card or Paypal. Please take note that we use sophisticated methods to make sure that the download link can only be used once so there is no need to worry about people distributing the link to everyone.
  • Online survey = form tool to collect data (ideal for opinion polls, application and registration forms etc)
  • Clients can upload content to your website THESE FILES ARES LIMITED TO 1MB FILETYPES..doc, .pdf, .xls, .docx , .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
  • Business Listings: Website visitors can list there businesses and on your approval you can publish the business
  • Directory Listing: Up to 25 search field criteria’s, you could run a yellow pages on this module.
  • Upload Data Base example: matric results, sporting event results etc. visitors to your website can then search for the results.
  • Advertising space on your website which you can use to profit from your website
  •      Reports are available indicating number of visits (hits) to your website pages and which search key words led to the visits (hits)
  • Facility to build your own search directory, multi level product groups as well as facility to allow website visitors to receive certain information when they enter a specific code   
  • Submission to search engines and optimization of your website in order to get very high onto search engine results
  • Quick Response Codes QR Code:You've seen it in the newspaper and on posters. These Quick Response (QR) codes are interpreted by applications (programs) that are installed on mobile phones People will scan the QR code with their device's camera and the application will then send a viewer to a particular webpage (URL) which may contain text,images or videos QR codes have gained instant popularity because it is is a lot easier than to typing a long url into your phone. This service is provided free of charge, enjoy! 

You can download the app for your cellphone type at

Use QR Reader On Your Phone To Scan Me


  • Free access to all new features as these become available through ongoing development

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Features As Of October 2014

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