More Selling Less Work

Do More Selling And Less Work Building and Revamping Websites.

If you are not to skilled with the CSS stylsheet editor and graphics leave it to the experts at a nominal cost to you.

We cant all be Graphic designers and Css Experts. Let Sureweb do it for you. I use them myself.

Sample website

I have made contact with Sureweb Owner David Gouws Cell: 0827772425 Tel: 0393113518

We agreed on a special deal for all my Consultants (there is nothing in for me. I just want to make your Kwikwap Agency is profitable)

For a website revamp it will be R 500

For a complete from scratch website R 1000

If you have a new client and for instance he/she sends you a sample website (look and feel).

Send Sureweb ( the particular URL there might be 1 or more. Get a quote from  Surweb thy will then have a look at it and see if it can be done. If it can be done thy will send you an invoice, once payment received thy will construct the website from scratch (or if a revamp). It is as simple as that.

However the client will still need to supply you with logos and content, just inform them what modules must be activated on a from scratch website build (just send your agent code and contact details and your clients contact details to Sureweb) so thy can build the website, it will then be part of  your Agents portfolio.

However you still need to know the Kwikwap System inside out (Additional Module / Value Added / Comm With Customer / Admin & Reports etc. After all you need to advice and teach your client on there need to know bases so thy can still maintain there own website. If you need any additional training on the system just contact me and we can get together on a one to one basis (at no cost to you). Sureweb will do the Look & Feel part, the rest is still up to you


Agents must make sure that they get paid upfront for the once of setup fee (R2500.00) on a new website or get paid the revamp fee (up to the agent what to charge) agent then pays Sureweb the R 500 or R 1000 directly to Sureweb.

There is also an extra revenue stream for you. Sell a revamp to your clients at above your cost and you pocket the rest

Sample Websites by Sureweb

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me.

smileyHappy Selling and may you prospersmiley

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