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Start Your Own Business or Parallel Income with Kwikwap

Kwikwap rings in good news for those who would like to earn a handsome pay package every month by starting your own business with sheer talent, skills, hard work and a little help from Kwikwap. With one of the easiest website creation, development and management software built by Kwikwap, now you can help thousands of people to get their own website, and in that process, make some cool money for yourself.

Don't pinch yourself, it's not a jackpot. This work requires your talent and also demands your persistency as starting your own business. This is neither any short cut to lots of money nor anything dishonest or deceiving. It is all about empowering you with a tool and training you on how to use it, to make easy-to-use functioning websites for people looking out for cheaper alternatives to get their websites done.

The Kwikwap system, in short, is a website developing tool. It helps you to create a website, develop it and manage it easily. Using the Kwikwap system you can create as many websites as you want in a day, in a week and in every month. Not only will it be easy for you as a consultant to create websites with the help of a short training arranged by Kwikwap, but even your clients will also find it extremely easy to manage and edit their websites, once you show them how to do it. Your assistance might be required by them later, but only once in a while.

When you use the Kwikwap system, you can make any kinds of websites like corporate websites, ecommerce platform etc. with as many pages you want in it, as much data you want, as much web traffic you intend to target, and a variety of features such as members' login section, messages and emails, forums, photos and videos, music or sound clips, surveys etc. You can also invite people to join your mailing lists and ask you questions, get customer feedback and reviews. This way, as a consultant, you can also have a wide variety in your clientele as well and cater to everybody's website wish list.

But the magic key to starting your own business in this goldmine is by becoming a consultant. All you have to do is fill up a simple form Here and we will get in touch with you in a short time. On paying R 2,500 you can get to join our training program where we teach you all the aspects and tricks of using the website designing tool. All it would take is 3 to 5 hours and zap! You become a webmaster in less than half a day.

No prior qualifications needed and no technical knowledge is required to become a consultant. All you need to do is the training, which we provide, in order to gain confidence about using the tool and be creative with it. However, you can even skip the training if you are already familiar with using Kwikwap or can just figure out your way through it. Once you are familiar with the Kwikwap system, you are now fit to go out and start working. You can choose any area in South Africa to start your work. And why just South Africa, you can work anywhere in the world you want to.

As a consultant, you can start your own business with this newfound skill and tool and make as many websites you want each day and make a lot of profit. Or you can start on a medium or slow pace and do only a few websites each month, as many as you want to.

A consultant typically charges anything up to R 2,500 to create a website. Now, you can do your mathematics and figure out for yourself a good amount per month. Besides this, you can also earn by bringing in a new consultant.

Kwikwap pays R 2,500 once off, plus R 100 each month for every new consultant brought by you. Kwikwap was started in 2005 in South Africa. By 2012, the organization grew from a 3-member team to 14 people at their head office, 13 franchisees and plenty of consultants who are not only spread across the length and breadth of the country, but are also present in Australia and Namibia. The company tapped one of the most important requirements in modern day marketing, and that is the need for a website to be present online and be available to consumers who use the internet so frequently.

But getting a website comes with hefty costs and not all can, therefore, afford to have their own digital presence, especially the small organizations, entrepreneurs and budding artists and musicians. With the help of the Kwikwap system, now you don't have to run from one agency to another looking for a cheap solution. You can become a webmaster yourself and make your own website or get in touch with a Kwikwap consultant and get yourself a high quality website at dirt cheap prices.

Once you start off as a consultant, and you keep proving your talent and skill with this tool, you can further expand your clientele with low cost promotional methods like reference by your existing customers, your friends and family to their friends and business associates. You can also use social media marketing or put up advertisements on community notice boards. Even we can help you by supplying you leads, once you prove yourself reliable and capable.

You can take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity provided by the Kwikwap system. You can start your own business, use this talent for extra income or a parallel source of income or take this up as a full time job. Even students, housewives and retired people can be financially independent and busy with something worth their while. All you need is a systematic and focused approach and self determination. Also, if you love socializing, you can be assured that this can be a great way to expand your social circle.

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