Debit Order Runs

Just to clarify some confusion about the debit order dates selected on the website agreement.

The debit order dates are 1st / 7th / 15th.

To simplify, in future I will debit for the nearest run (example signed contract 8th of November  selected date 7th so the 1st debit order will then only be debited on the 15th)

Thereafter it will be debited as per the date selected on the website agreement

Try to get the website agreement signed as close to the debit batch runs as soon as possible, and once the agreement is signed and sent to me, don't forget to "Upgrade the demo website to real site from your Agent portal" because it will also affect your monthly commissions, if it is late you might only receive the comms the following month or not at all if you keep it in demo mode.

IMPORTANT! remember if you ugraded a demo site to a real site and there is no Website Agreement you as the Agent will end up paying for it

I have to initiate the debit order batch 5 days before due date example client tick the 1st of the month I got to initiate the batch the latest by 26/27th of the month depending how many days in the month (28/29 30/31)


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