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Free Trial - create your Kwikweb website in 3 easy steps.

See below for "Features" available on this Option which includes the e-Commerce facility (buyers can order & pay online 365 days 24/7).

After registering online you will receive an email with your log in details to your web portal which will contain a Video Tutorial to facilitate the 3 easy steps. come on and try us click HERE


  • Header/Logo area
  • Slide Show
  • Home Page
  • Product & Services Page
  • E-Commerce enabled - get paid online via EFT and Credit Card (limited to 5 pages)
  • Company Profile page
  • Contact Page (including Map)
  • Personalised domain and one email address. ( email:
  • Responsive design (changes according to screen size to fit on mobile devices)
  • 10 Gig Data storage and Data Transfer per month (ample for a small upstart business)
  • Unlimited data for the SME Package Online data base bulk email bulk sms free 50 industry specific modules just activate them

The System At A Glance HERE   More about the System Modules HERE    Get Design Assistance HERE

Expiry Date

This Free Trial is valid for 1 month.

If no Electronic Debit Order is completed by the end of the 1 month Free Trial period, the website will be deleted from our server..

To secure your website beyond the 1 month Free Trial period, please complete the Electronic Debit Order - this is available in your web portal.

Free Trial come on and try us click HERE

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