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New Domain Prices 2017
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Facebook Code for Iframe
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50 Add on Modules
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wifi fix - 2016-11-29 ... more

Email Errors - 2016-10-13

Understanding Email Errors and Error Messages Email error messages can be broken down into three groups. Look for the error message that most closely matches the one you received. User Error Messages Mailbox is full Message exceeds size limit Improper forwarding causing mail loop User unknown/Mailbox unavailable/Invalid recipient/... more

Facebook Code - 2016-04-02

Kwikwap 2 Facbook I frame code just copy and paste in to the Iframe properties // %2F198129250241641%3Fref%3Dts%26fref %3Dts&width=440&height=440&show_faces=true&colorscheme=light&stream=true&border_color&heade ... more

Need to know how to? - 2015-10-02

Comprehensive Kwikweb Training Videos. Visit youtube chanel on link below regular updates. ... more

Affordable e_commerce - 2015-05-23

Do you want to sell online 365 days 24/7 then you should have e-Commerce enabled website. Our websites are responsive design (changes according to screen size to fit on mobile devices) Our latest product offer must be one of the best value for money e- Commerce enabled website system in the world Free Trial - After registering online you will... more

Kwikwap Add On Modules - 2015-05-16

... more

Google Search Mobile - 2015-03-30

If you have a kwikwp website do  not worry as all our websites are mobile-friendly About those website enquiries... IF you have a website    AND you rely on it for enquiries    Google plans some changes on April 21. If your site is not "mobile friendly" they will not be showing it as often as befor... more

More about the Kwikweb - 2014-12-05

  Events Calendar This module allows you to easily add events to a calendar which will be displayed on your website. This is an especially useful tool for schools, sport clubs and other organizations having regular events or functions. Announcments This module allows you to have important announcements scrolling on your w... more

Kwikwap website features - 2014-10-10

New Features October 2014 yellow highlight Your own website management tool (including training on how it works) plus several methods of support. Your own personalized email address (multiple if required) Access to various groups of templates / designs: Fully customizable templates, semi customizable templates and professionally designed ... more

Become A Sales Agent - 2014-09-27

Start-up Cost:                       None Main Activity:                     &... more

USEFUL WEBSITES Tools - 2014-04-30

USEFUL WEBSITES and online tools   Website address Description of the site To see if a website is available from a certain country Various tools... more

News Letter Kwikmail - 2013-12-10

  Test Newsletter From Kwikwap 2 Do you want to start your own business from the next big thing that is hitting South Africa? This is not a get rich scheme (although the product is so good it sells itself!). Good ... more

Kwikweb Mailing List Form - 2013-12-10

a.css_button_custom:hover{color:#ffffff;background:#666666;} a.css_button_custom {background:#ffffff;Border: 1px solid #666666;color:#666666;font-family: Verdana;font-size: 12px;font-weight:bold;padding-top:3px; padding-bottom:3px;padding-right:4px;padding-left:4px;text-decoration: none;margin-left:2px;} SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MONTHLY NEWSLETTER ... more

Links to Free Software - 2013-12-02

Firefox Add-ons Firebug: Firefox Add-ons Pixel Grabber : Photo Editing Software: Online Photo Editing Software: Photo Editing Software Gimp: http://www... more

How to use Google effectively - 2013-11-01

Shearch - Tips & Tricks Click On link   ... more

Email Help - 2013-10-01

What to do when you suspect your email is not working 1 Check your webmail by opening your browser and type in the address bar 2 Complete Field with your username email address 3 Complete Field with your password. See picture below Your email and password can be found in your webportal ... more

Kwikwap Contact List - 2013-09-19 Helen Main domain registrations, transfers and pointings   Ilene ADDITIONAL domain registrations, transfers and pointings; ADDITIONAL Email requests; Google Adwords; Domain Renewals Monique Website downgrading; Help if Ilene or Helen is not available; other issues. techn... more

Kwikwap Emergency Number - 2013-08-29

  HEAD OFFICE CONTACT DETAILS: 76 Paradys Street Brackenfell Cape Town 7560 South Africa Switchboard:   021 072 03 03    Fax:  086 508 4303      Email: ... more

Kwikweb eLearning - 2013-05-18

Kwikweb eLearning is FINALLY here! Click Here to view introduction videos Do not hesitate to contact me for any details Or Join Directly HERE This is a must have!!! ... more

Sample Websites - 2013-05-10 http://www.kwikwe... more

More Selling Less Work - 2013-05-09

Do More Selling And Less Work Building and Revamping Websites. If you are not to skilled with the CSS stylsheet editor and graphics leave it to the experts at a nominal cost to you. We cant all be Graphic designers and Css Experts. Let Sureweb do it for you. I use them myself. Sample website ... more

Benefits of a website. - 2013-04-25

12 Benefits Of Having A Website Some of the goals that can be achieved by launching a website include the following:   1. Far Cheaper and Much More Flexible Than Print Advertising The Internet is extremely different from print advertising in that space is cheap, your advertisement is accessible for a longer period of time, the content ca... more

Web Mail & Signature Setup - 2013-04-23

How to get to your web mail In the address bar type in then login to webmail using your email address and pass word Email Signature setup in webmail Go to settings .. Identities .. click on the email account and see on the right hand side space to add a signature. ... more

Sign The Electronic Debit - 2013-04-03

You can now process the website debit order within the webportal Admin & Reports ................Sign Electronic Debit Order   Complete The  Kwikwap Debit Order Authorisation Form Once Completed Licensee Holder and Corresponding Consultants will receive an automated email of the Electronic Debit Order Signed + the ... more

Create Facebook Iframe - 2013-03-06

Login to your facbook page  Then Copy Your fan page URL example ( Go to Insert it in to the Facebook URL Field dont forget to adjust the Width? according to your website Then Click a... more

Start your own business - 2013-03-04

Start Your Own Business Earn Income From Day One Monthly Passive Income Stream Do you want to start your own business from the next big thing that is hitting South Africa? This is not a get rich scheme (although the product is so good it sells itself!). Good honest hard work will help you to make a living from this business opportunit... more

Why start your own business? - 2013-01-29

  Start Your Own Business or Parallel Income with Kwikwap Kwikwap rings in good news for those who would like to earn a handsome pay package every month by starting your own business with sheer talent, skills, hard work and a little help from Kwikwap. With one of the easi... more

Happy New Year - 2012-12-31

Kwikwap Cape Town Wishing You A Happy And Prosperous 2013  ... more

Season's Greetings - 2012-12-10

From Kwikwap Cape Town Thank you for your support during 2012 May you have a restful and well deserved break with family and friends over the festive season!   ... more

Debit Order Runs - 2012-11-23

Just to clarify some confusion about the debit order dates selected on the website agreement. The debit order dates are 1st / 7th / 15th. To simplify, in future I will debit for the nearest run (example signed contract 8th of November  selected date 7th so the 1st debit order will then only be debited on the 15th) Thereafter it wi... more

Email Help News - 2012-11-19

1.   If they want to add an auto reply to their email account they can do so by logging into the email account on the webmail area or by logging in to their client portal and going to admin & reports domain & email management. 3.Kind Regards Monique Kruger Kwikweb Tel: 012 809 0055 &nbs... more

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