+ There are so many web designers, why should I use Kwikwap ?

+ Why do I need a website?

+ Will my business be found by search engines when I get a Website with Kwikwap?

+ FAQ's I already have a website, why do I need a mobile one?

+ Why do I need a website, more particularly a Google optimized website?

+ Can my mobile enabled website also be viewed from a PC?

+ How long does it take to get a mobile enabled website?

+ How much do i need to know about programming to make websites?

+ Can one build forms with a Kwikwap website?

+ Can people operate my website with one hand?

+ Why does my webmaster charge me?

+ How do you optimize your websites for search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Live?

+ FAQ's Do I get an email address and email service included with the Kwikwap system?

+ I was born before computers, how do I make changes to my website?

+ Can Kwikwap take over my existing website?

+ Can you assist me in registering a new domain?

+ What will my website address be if I get a website for R59+VAT per month?

+ Can I get the benefits and features of the Kwikwap system with my own domain name?

+ How do I access the (mobile) internet with a cellular phone? How do I enable my cell phone for WAP?

+ I am a webmaster and I was wondering what the big deal is with "mobile websites"?

+ What is the story with dot mobi (.mobi) websites, what does it mean?

+ Will the Kwikwap templates ensure that my website has a unique look?

+ I would like to keep my current website but I would like to get a Kwikwap mobi site, how does that work?

+ I'm scared to do updates myself, can you do it for me?

+ What is Kwikwap

+ How good is your website design

+ How long will it take to have a fully functional website?

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